December 18, 2009

And so it begins . . .

It all started when I switched from having an answering machine to having voicemail. Then, I got the cell phone for "emergencies". Soon I was using it AND my voicemail all the time and decided I didn't need the home phone and answering machine anymore. Next came e-mail . . . which hasn't completely made snail mail obsolete (geesh, somehow we have to receive the items that we are ordering on-line), but I had my personal e-mail, then one for the shop, then another for Hedy Regal Designs. People told me "you need a website", so I made a website for the shop. . . . then a MySpace account . . . oh no, everyone has now switched to Facebook. Okay, okay. I am on FB, too. And we can't forget Etsy and E-bay . . . and in trying to keep up with the tech-world, I am now a blogger. Enjoy.

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