November 8, 2011

Butterfly Mobile

When the time came to decorate our nursery, I wanted to keep it simple.  A space that I could relax in and be comfortable since I was going to spend a lot of time in it.  One item that I kept tossing around was a mobile for the crib.  I already had a vintage floral chandelier hanging over the crib on a dimmer switch (which has been so nice in the wee-hours of the night).  But the time had come that I needed something more for Baby Greta.  I thought about stuffed fabric birds since the vintage fabric I used in the bedding had some birds among the flowers, but all Baby would see was the bottom.  I wanted something that would be seen from Greta's point of view, but also from mine.  Something lightweight to move and grab her attention. 

 This lovely gift from Sandy from Rhubarb Reign became my inspiration.

 I downloaded a picture of a butterfly on the computer and printed on a page from that antique bible that I use in my jewelry, medallion ornaments and candle holders.

Next, I cut around two butterflies and sandwiched a black piece of paper between them.

I wanted the butterflies to have depth, so I used a jewelry finding and beads, layering the paper between the beads.

Then I added fishing line (or "monofiliment", as my friend,  Katie,  likes to call it) and tied them to the chandelier at various lengths.

I always have a fan on to keep the air circulating and to create some "white noise",
so my butterflies slowly flutter.

I love them . . .

and I think Greta does, too!

So much more appealing then the mobiles at the major shopping chains.  Matches my neutral decor and I used the materials I already had on hand.  Voila!

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