October 3, 2012

Rural Society Fall Sale: Oct. 5-6

Don't miss the Rural Society Fall Sale on Friday, October 5th and Saturday, October 6th at Warwick Farms in Mt. Vernon.

Just a short 60 minute drive from Central Columbus, Warwick Farms offers the perfect backdrop to this amazing venue. Vintage finds, artisans, gardening and more can be found on this working farm.

Grab your girlfriends and your rubber boots and plan to attend.

Directions and hours can be found at

My best,

September 22, 2012

Country Living Magazine Fair 2012

Oh. My. Golly! What an event!  Bethany Grubb from Antebellum Farmhouse and I teamed up for the 2012 Country Living Magazine Fair in Columbus, Ohio.

It took us two days to set up and we replenished our stock everyday of the event.

 The "early bird" shoppers eased us into the day before the crowds arrived.

This was our first Country Living Magazine event, so we really didn't know what to expect.

All of the aprons and ruffle tote bags sold out during the show.

Antebellum Farmhouse inventory blends so nicely with my jewelry,  accessories, and pillows.

Leather is the new medium that I am using this Fall.  I love how the one side is supple suede asphalt-blue and the other is metallic bronze.  (Shown:  Leather flower hairpin, and leather bib-style statement necklace).

This lovely statement necklace incorporates the detailed watch movement of a pocketwatch surrounded by leather leaves and ends with black satin ribbon that ties at the back of the neck.

Religious Medallion Necklaces are one of my best sellers.

Only three of these paper cone wreaths made it to the fair.

Vintage Button Hairpins . . . one of my favorites!  So much detail in the buttons and they look so beautiful tucked in treases.

Our pop-up shop . . .

After the Olde Worthington Market Day on September 29th, Bethany and I will set up shop again at the Rural Society Fall Sale in Mt. Vernon on Friday, October 5 and Saturday, October 6th. Don't miss it!

May 23, 2012

The Bonnet

If you saw my daughter at the Rural Society or at the Springfield Extravaganza this past weekend, then you saw the baby bonnet that I have been making. I can't tell you how many compliments we received, my friends joked that I should sell them right from my stroller!

But joking aside, I do sell the bonnets through SoBo Style in Columbus, O. and soon I will offer them through my online Etsy.com shop.

May 7, 2012

The Rural Society Reflection

I was so blessed to have such wonderful friends to help me in this journey to The Rural Society Spring Antique & Garden Sale at Warwick Farms in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. 

My long-time-girlfriend, Bethany Grubb of Antebellum Farmhouse, was so helpful for getting me into the show, I can't thank her enough.  Her booth was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  I swear I could have lived in the basement of that old barn with her furnishings and decor!  Perfection!

My newest girlfriend, Ginny Sanders, was so nice to spend ALL DAY with me on Friday tending the booth and my 9-month old daughter.  She's a lifesaver! Thank you, Ginny!

My newest guyfriend, Nathan Rotter, loaded his truck and trekked all the way up to Mt. Vernon with me to set up on Thursday.  He was so helpful in deciding how to arrange the booth, I couldn't have done it without him in the short hour-and-a-half window we had to get it done.  A big THANK YOU, Nathan!

Thank you Page Price and Pat Warthen and the rest of the RS staff for all your hospitality.  It's an amazing event . . . so organized, well communicated, and promoted.  I was honored to be a part of it.  Thank you so much!

And last, but not least, a huge thank you to all the folks who came out to support this event, especially the friends I have made along the way:  Lori, Lilly, Pat, Maggie, Eva, Natalie, Marin, Lisa, Janelle, and Lora.

Here are a few photos taken with my iPhone . . .

My daughter, Greta.  I loved having her with me at the show.  I was a little worried that she may not make it through the day, but she was a trooper and I couldn't have been happier that she was a part of it all.

Rural Society patrons in the Hedy Regal Designs booth (pardon my shaky photo).

All these cute vintage child's dishware was a gift from my booth neighbor, Janet Clayton of Open Market Style.  Greta and I are going to have many tea parties with these.  Thanks Janet!

My "pop-up shop"

Another view of the shop.

Thanks Bethany, for this lovely tea pot!  It is exactly what I have been looking for!  You're the best!

May 2, 2012

Blogging App

Not long ago my husband presented me an iPhone...(all the other kids had one) and because I had convinced him that it would be most valuable at the shows for running credit card sales...yes, there is an app for that, too. But in tooling around with this gadget I have discovered that Blogger has an app for what else? Blogging. Now, I'm not much for cranking up the ol' laptop and trying to come up with something clever to say, but I am into photography. I am going to consider my blog more of a photo journal then anything else. So here we go...my first post on my handy-dandy iPhone. Now let's see how long it takes me to figure out how to post pictures from this app. By the way, I love Instagram (yep, yet another app), so follow me there, too.

April 22, 2012

Number Burlap Pillows

These stencilled burlap pillows are one of my favorite home decor items . . .

pick your favorite number, a birth date, an anniversary or your house number...
the options are endless.

Single digits will be available at the Rural Society Spring Antique and Garden show and I will also take custom orders at that time.  Or head on over to my online shop to place your order now.

 Mix the numbered pillows in with the burlap webbing pillows for a nice variation.

Jenny in Illinois recently ordered these three pillows for the vintage pew on her front porch indicating her house number.  Love it!!!

Thanks for sharing your photo with us, Jenny!

Know someone who just bought a house?  These make great housewarming gifts, too!

March 2, 2012

The Rural Society Spring Sale

I am thrilled to announce that Hedy Regal Designs is participating in The Rural Society Spring Sale on Friday, May 4th and Saturday, May 5th at Warwick Farms in Mt. Vernon, Ohio.

Don't walk, RUN to your calendars and save the date for this spectacular event.  You won't want to miss it.