October 21, 2015

Stamped by Hand Brass Tags, Charms & Cuff Bracelets

I love the 2nd Street Market and all the wonderful folks I am meeting.  It is great to have the chance to meet my clients personally and create custom pieces of jewelry to fit their personal style.

Over time I have curated a shop that has encouraged my creativity through the use of vintage elements, customized brass tags and faith.

I remember one of my first brass tag stamping was created for a friend with her daughters' name. Kary, a darling name for a very sweet girl.  Kary spelled it out and I stamped it using the concrete barn floor at Antebellum Farmhouse in Granville, Ohio.  Kary's mom was delighted and it was her spark and enthusiasm that led me to do more.

I found that my clients really loved the brass tags and over the years I have stamped countless names, dates, special words of encouragement, and most recently, bible verses.

Rye was the first to request a bible verse and I absolutely fell in love with her idea . . . that clever girl!  Rye and I have talked about being God's messengers and how blessed that has made us feel.  Rye brought with her John 16:33.

John 16:33

I began offering small stamped charms in early 2015, and have recently introduced custom cuff bracelets.  With more space for more words, plus the ability to stamp a special sentiment on the inside of the cuff, the character and charm has endless options.

Wear the cuff bracelets layered with other unique bracelets or stack a number of them together to commemorate special people in your life or declare your message. I can also attach your choice of charms for a personalized touch.

Come see me at the 2nd Street Market for your personalized jewelry and gifts.

Or visit my online shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/HedyRiegle

March 16, 2015

Living Dayton on Channel 2 WDTN

Wednesday, March 18th at 12:40 p.m. find me live on your television or this link to Channel 2 WDTN in Dayton, Ohio on Living Dayton.  

I will demonstrate how I make the hand stamped brass tags and how to create a piece of jewelry from my charm bar to create a balanced and personalized piece of jewelry just for you or someone special.


February 11, 2015

A new twist to the Studio

I am so excited to present the beautiful work of Maryellen Kim of Twist Style to the studio.

I met Maryellen a few years ago through our mutual friend and colleague, Katie Palmer of Sobo Style in Columbus, Ohio.  She and her mom were in town for the Country Living Magazine Fair held at the Ohio Historical Society grounds in the Fall so I had to chance to chat with her a little about her jewelry line, Twist Style, The Handmade Happiness Boutique, and her new book "Ribbon Girls".

I have three of her necklaces in my personal collection and I just had to have a sampling for the market because our style blends so well.   

I wear one of the long necklaces everyday as a complimentary piece to my own jewelry. I wear them layered or I will double it as a choker.

I also like to wrap it a number of times around my wrist for a bracelet.

I've chosen the neutral collection for the studio that include natural stones, glass pearls, and Czech crystals.  Twist Style is reminiscent of a rosary and will quickly become your modern-day "string of pearls".

Every piece is handmade with a durable nylon string that is fray-proof, waterproof, and baby-proof.
 I love how she finishes it off with a sweet little shell button for the closure.

Stop by the market soon to get first choice of this beautiful collection.

Learn more about Twist Style and Maryellen on Facebook and her webpage.

January 18, 2015

New Year, new beginnings.

Wow! What a week!  I have had so much fun this week painting and setting up the new shop at 2nd Street Market in downtown Dayton, Ohio.  From the application process, to acceptance, planning and design . . . I made a dream come true.  The response has been incredible and I am most grateful for this blessing.

My gypsy-shop set up in the pavillion at 2nd Street Market.

I met some wonderful people this week on the west end, including John, Claire, and Lisa at the Olive Tree, who have been so patient with me as I pound on the walls and adjust eletrical so that I can get my lighting "just right".

A blank slate, formally Purely Sweet Bakery.

I can't say enough about the market staff.  Jimmy, Autumn, and Sherman have been so courteous and helpful and they do a fantastic job of hosting the market for vendors and patrons alike.

Transformation has begun.

The shoppers have so many wonderful compliments and we enjoyed sharing stories, and I even had a lovely collection of gifts brought to me by a sweet man.  I also welcomed some of my "regulars" and colleagues from my tenture in the pavillion.  Everyone has been so kind and I am deeply grateful.

When a person expresses their style in their work, it is put on display for criticizism and judgement.  I feel very blessed to be able to express my shop concept and an opportunity to experience the love of God through my work.

The placement of fixtures.

I couldn't have done all this without the help of some close friends and family.  Thank you Mom, Matt, and Bethany of Antebellum Farmhouse for working "behind the scenes" to help me achieve this dream.  I am forever grateful for your love, friendship, and kindness. Xo

Fluffed with props and products . . . and look! I'm working at my desk (far left).

I also thank my God for making me wait, helping me along the path, and blessing me with this gift.  Praise to the Lord.

Please come by and say hello.  I'm at the market Thursdays, Fridays (11-3) and Saturdays (8-3) throughout the year.