January 18, 2015

New Year, new beginnings.

Wow! What a week!  I have had so much fun this week painting and setting up the new shop at 2nd Street Market in downtown Dayton, Ohio.  From the application process, to acceptance, planning and design . . . I made a dream come true.  The response has been incredible and I am most grateful for this blessing.

My gypsy-shop set up in the pavillion at 2nd Street Market.

I met some wonderful people this week on the west end, including John, Claire, and Lisa at the Olive Tree, who have been so patient with me as I pound on the walls and adjust eletrical so that I can get my lighting "just right".

A blank slate, formally Purely Sweet Bakery.

I can't say enough about the market staff.  Jimmy, Autumn, and Sherman have been so courteous and helpful and they do a fantastic job of hosting the market for vendors and patrons alike.

Transformation has begun.

The shoppers have so many wonderful compliments and we enjoyed sharing stories, and I even had a lovely collection of gifts brought to me by a sweet man.  I also welcomed some of my "regulars" and colleagues from my tenture in the pavillion.  Everyone has been so kind and I am deeply grateful.

When a person expresses their style in their work, it is put on display for criticizism and judgement.  I feel very blessed to be able to express my shop concept and an opportunity to experience the love of God through my work.

The placement of fixtures.

I couldn't have done all this without the help of some close friends and family.  Thank you Mom, Matt, and Bethany of Antebellum Farmhouse for working "behind the scenes" to help me achieve this dream.  I am forever grateful for your love, friendship, and kindness. Xo

Fluffed with props and products . . . and look! I'm working at my desk (far left).

I also thank my God for making me wait, helping me along the path, and blessing me with this gift.  Praise to the Lord.

Please come by and say hello.  I'm at the market Thursdays, Fridays (11-3) and Saturdays (8-3) throughout the year.