October 21, 2015

Stamped by Hand Brass Tags, Charms & Cuff Bracelets

I love the 2nd Street Market and all the wonderful folks I am meeting.  It is great to have the chance to meet my clients personally and create custom pieces of jewelry to fit their personal style.

Over time I have curated a shop that has encouraged my creativity through the use of vintage elements, customized brass tags and faith.

I remember one of my first brass tag stamping was created for a friend with her daughters' name. Kary, a darling name for a very sweet girl.  Kary spelled it out and I stamped it using the concrete barn floor at Antebellum Farmhouse in Granville, Ohio.  Kary's mom was delighted and it was her spark and enthusiasm that led me to do more.

I found that my clients really loved the brass tags and over the years I have stamped countless names, dates, special words of encouragement, and most recently, bible verses.

Rye was the first to request a bible verse and I absolutely fell in love with her idea . . . that clever girl!  Rye and I have talked about being God's messengers and how blessed that has made us feel.  Rye brought with her John 16:33.

John 16:33

I began offering small stamped charms in early 2015, and have recently introduced custom cuff bracelets.  With more space for more words, plus the ability to stamp a special sentiment on the inside of the cuff, the character and charm has endless options.

Wear the cuff bracelets layered with other unique bracelets or stack a number of them together to commemorate special people in your life or declare your message. I can also attach your choice of charms for a personalized touch.

Come see me at the 2nd Street Market for your personalized jewelry and gifts.

Or visit my online shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/HedyRiegle

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