January 11, 2016

Farewell 2015 and Hello 2016!

Welcome to 2016! I hope your holiday season was full of joy and peace and that the new year brings you happiness beyond your dreams.

And with the new year brings the one year anniversary of my shop at the 2nd Street Market in downtown Dayton, Ohio.

As I look back on 2015, I can honestly say that it was a good year.  Although, I had my dark days, the life lessons and spiritual growth has taught me to be happy and trust in God.

I haven't always put my trust in God.  I haven't always listened, but I am listening now and I am learning to be patient and trust and for that, I am grateful.

I am also thankful for all the wonderful people in my life and the new friends and acquaintances I've met this year. Some folks have only been passing through the area but made a connection with me, and others I am enjoying their company and growing a friendship.

I am thankful for all the blessings in my life, personally and professionally.  I finally feel that I am where I am suppose to be on this journey.  My shop has been so fulfilling for me on so many levels.  I honestly believe that it is my calling and I am so grateful for that.

Did you make any resolutions for the New Year?  I don't typically set resolutions, but this year I am going to "try to be better".  Just try a little harder.  Think a little more.  Drink a little more water.  Leave a little more time for myself. Say "no" a little more often and listen a little more.  I hope I learn to know when to keep quiet and how to share more of myself. I just want to try to be a little better momma, sister, daughter, wife, aunt, cousin and friend.

I also want to be a better designer and shopkeeper. I am listening to my clients and making changes that I hope meet their needs, and mine.  I have some grand ideas for the shop this year and I am looking forward to the process and how it will unfold.

I invite you to check back soon for more information about my new online shop that includes a pre-order option for local pick-up.  I also have some new ideas for my jewelry and accessory designs for 2016, and I am thinking about vending at some fairs and festivals this year.

Follow me through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram about my celebration and learn how you can join in, too.

Thank you for supporting my dream and many blessings to all this coming year.

My best,

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